Production company


  • Lugo-10-12-09-GFF22

    Architecture videos

    Studiobaba has produced videos about the construction of the new hospitals of Valladolid, Ceuta, Lugo and Burgos (all in Spain). Here you can find a video of the most recent..
  • andreu4

    El Humanismo de A. Andreu

    Agustín Andreu Rodrigo (1928, Paterna, Spain) is a theologian amongst philosophers, and a philosopher amongst theologians. Nevertheless he does not feel uncomfortable in this position, away from the academic and..
  • Zindabad


    Bombay wants to become a “world class city”. However, half the population lives in slums or on the streets in subhuman conditions. Then a battle for land begins between the..
  • Yves

    Yves Paquelier

    These are a series of videos done for the french musician Yves Paquelier during his tour in France in 2010 (only french version). DOCUMENTARY – VIDEO CLIP – FRANCE –..
  • Captura de pantalla 2015-11-16 a las 17.58.54

    Miscellaneous work

    Studiobaba has done color post-production for flamenco video clips, filmed opera concerts or even produced video art for emerging artists. Here are some examples...